Motion Planning Engineer

  • Heidelberg(Germany)

  • Engineer

  • full-time

  • 发布时间:2021-12-01


  • 1.You have deep knowledge in CAM-algorithms and computational geometry, knowledge in motion control/control theory is a plus

  • 2.You have practical experience applying CAM-generated trajectories for manufacturing tasks

  • 3.You have 3+ years of experience in the development of 3D-modelling software, experience with the Open CASCADE framework or Free CAD is highly desired

  • 4.You have at least a master/Diplom degree in computer science, electrical/mechanical engineering or a related field

  • You are fluent in English


  • As a Motion Planning Engineer, you enable new automated discrete manufacturing processes by creating new

  • motion strategies and motion generation algorithms for automated manufacturing tasks such as milling, polishing,

  • gluing, or inspection.

  • 1.You develop motion generators and CAM-algorithms for our AutomationOS©.

  • 2.You validate your algorithms through simulations & experiments

  • 3.You work with our development team to include your algorithms in products

  • 4.You customize motion generators together with our application engineering team

  • 5.You plan, manage & execute R&D effort into new motion generation strategies for automated manufacturing


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